Blairsville Walks!

BLAIRSVILLE WALKS! is a local walking program centered on a fun, fact-filled walking route that highlights some of the sites identified in a tour guide developed by Historical Society of the Blairsville Area. The walking route will also highlight the Blairsville Area Veterans Memorial Park and the community’s nature-based resources that include the Blairsville Riverfront Trail and the Kiski-Conemaugh Water Trail, which was designated as a National Recreation Trail in June 2014.

According to the PA Department of Health, walking is a great way to get healthy and have fun with your family and friends of all ages! Regular walking at a moderate pace can:
-Help you control your weight
-Provide stress relief
-Improve your mood and sleep
-Strengthen your bones and muscles
-Reverse normal age-related memory loss
-Delay the development of Alzheimer’s disease
-Reduce the risk for depression, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and breast and colon cancers
-Improve your ability to manage arthritis

A walking group is now being formed…for more information or to join the group, contact the BCDA at 724.459.8588.

Blairsville Walks