Community Vision

Blairsville Downtown…on the river, on the move!

A place where outdoor enjoyment is a way of life. People regularly fish or kayak on the Conemaugh River. Outdoor enthusiasts hike or bike on the Blairsville Riverfront Trail or can travel for miles on a number of regional trails that converge in Blairsville Downtown. A pedestrian bridge over US Route 22 connects the community to the Hoodlebug and Ghost Town Trails to the east.

The town has many locally-owned restaurants, taverns/pubs and coffee shops that have little care for closing time. Street festivals, including the town’s annual Diamond Days celebration and Knotweed Festival, are centered on the community’s historic Diamond Square.  Well-appointed streetscapes and public art add to our vibrant street life. Late-night walks are made safe by the number of people who remain outside at all hours.

Vintage storefronts, ornate windows, and elaborate doors significantly contribute to the architectural character of our downtown.  Historic block and brown stone buildings have been readapted for modern use and unique shops and businesses line the town’s busy Main Street. Upper floor living attracts retiring baby boomers, empty-nesters, young professionals and families that desire the cultural activities offered in a walkable, downtown setting.  Victorian and early 20th century Revival style homes with front porches and tree-lined streets help make our town a friendly place where neighbors care about one another and community pride prevails.

Residents and visitors can shop at a local grocery store or pick up fresh produce, local meats and homemade goods at our seasonal farmers’ market. Our compact town is easily travelled by foot or on bike.  Public transit provides a reasonable alternative to driving and offers a wide range of services for those who want to commute to work, school, or social activities located in surrounding areas. It is also readily available for shopping and traveling to and from medical appointments.

Educational, recreational, and cultural activities offer something for everyone -young or old!  Visit the Blairsville Underground Railroad History Center, the Blairsville Museum or the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conversancy’s library and education center. Experience history or join an organized caving group and explore the area’s caves and natural preserves. Catch air at the local skate park, go birding along the 330-acre greenway that borders the Conemaugh River, or seek out paranormal activity at local “hot spots” or in several nearby towns and villages, including Torrance and Livermore.