Elm Street Program

The Elm Street Program was created to strengthen the older historic neighborhoods in the Commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) manages the Elm Street program and the Pennsylvania Downtown Center provides training and technical assistance to designated Elm Street communities.
The Elm Street program follows a five-point approach to neighborhood revitalization. The elements of this approach are listed below:

  • Safe, Clean and Green -deals primarily with the cleanliness and the visual appearance of the neighborhood
  • Neighbors and Economy -relates to the economic relationship between residents and businesses in the neighborhood
  • Design -addresses the physical elements within the neighborhood
  • Image and Identity -evaluates and seeks to improve perceptions of the neighborhood from both outside (image) and inside (identity) the neighborhood
  • Sustainable Organization -involves getting everyone working together toward common goals through the creation of a volunteer-driven program and an organizational structure of boards and committees

Blairsville Borough Elm Street Program

Blairsville Borough applied for and received designation as an Elm Street community in 2010. The BCDA administers the Borough’s Elm Street program. A map of the Borough’s Elm Street District is included below. The green shaded area is the Elm Street District.