Trail Connectivity

Blairsville has the potential to serve as a major hub for trail users accessing the Ghost Town and Hoodlebug Trails to the east, the West Penn and Wetstmoreland Heritage trails to the west, and the Blairsville Riverfront Trail. These trails provide nearly 70 miles of trails separated by an approximate five-mile gap, with Blairsville located in the middle. In 2011, the Indiana County Commissioners sponsored a trail connectivity study to identify the most feasible routes for connecting the trails through the Borough of Blairsville.

The recommended alignment for bringing the Hoodlebug Trail into Blairsville involves construction of a pedestrian/bicycle bridge over U.S. Route 22, near the U.S. Route 119 Interchange. The Indiana County Commissioners and local trail advocates are actively working on securing funding for design and construction of the US 22 Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge, similar to the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail Bridge over the US Turnpike in Somerset County.

Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail 2
Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail Bridge

The recommended alignment for connecting to the West Penn Trail involves construction of a trail adjacent to the railroad tracks west of Blairsville. The railroad is owned by Norfolk Southern and efforts to move forward with this alignment will require their approval.